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Hearing Tests

Hearing tests allow our team of experts to evaluate your hearing abilities, and with an annual appointment, you’ll be able to track your own hearing health.

Hearing tests provide our team with the necessary data to determine the most suitable treatments and hearing technology for your individual needs. Though the tests may differ somewhat depending on each person's circumstances, most hearing exams are composed of five main elements. These usually include air conduction testing, bone conduction testing, speech recognition testing, otoscopy, and tympanometry.

Every stage helps to measure different facets of your abilities in order to form a conclusive report of your comprehensive hearing health. Becoming familiar with these different components of your hearing can help our team better determine the best course of treatment for your specific hearing needs. If you are concerned about your hearing abilities, we’re here to help!

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Hearing Aid Fittings

Having your devices properly fitted makes a considerable impact on how successfully they will address your hearing loss. Hearing is a very personal experience, so it should come as no surprise that everyone hears differently and there are many configurations of hearing loss.

With properly fitted hearing aids, you can navigate the tasks and duties of life with significantly greater ease and convenience. Although the selection process can be overwhelming, our professional team is here to ensure that your devices are tailored for your needs. It is essential to keep in mind that even when you find the ideal hearing aid, it will not be beneficial to you until it is properly set up and adjusted by our experts.

For some hearing aids, we may need to make molds of your ears and take measurements. This is a mandatory step with In-The-Ear (ITE) and custom-fitted hearing aids, as they're designed to conform to the precise dimensions of your ear canal. It ensures that the hearing aid fits securely and comfortably. After our specialists measure your ears and create replicas of the internal structure of your ear cavities, these molds will be used to produce a unique hearing device that provides you with the ultimate sound experience and wearability.


Generally, due to the custom-fitting procedure, you will not receive your hearing aids until your subsequent appointment. When they arrive at the clinic, our audiologists will modify the settings of the device to meet your individual hearing needs. You may find that speech and environmental sounds strange and unfamiliar at first; however, the goal of follow-up visits is to “fit” the aids by making adjustments to settings such as amplification levels, frequency grades, or any physical aspects of the device to determine the optimal layout for you.

Our team will make sure you are fully informed on the operation and maintenance of your hearing aid so you may completely benefit from your investment. While fittings can be a protracted process that might entail several visits to the clinic, it guarantees that your device is working as effectively as possible - and our team will make sure your fitting experience is smooth and painless.

Hearing Aid Repair

At Hear Now, we understand the critical role that hearing aids play in keeping you connected with family and friends and engaging in everyday activities. The hardship that a non-functional or damaged hearing aid presents can be a major headache and disruption in your life.

Our team is experienced and well-equipped to tackle most hearing aid issues you might encounter. If your device requires servicing, contact us to determine if your devices have some form of coverage under the manufacturer's warranty.

At Hear Now, we are committed to examining and repairing any device, regardless of warranty coverage and manufacturer. In the event that your hearing aids have sustained irreparable damages, our audiologists are always prepared to assist you in finding a similar device that suits all of your hearing and lifestyle needs. We can also send devices back to the manufacturer on your behalf for repairs.

Additionally, we gladly offer remote technical support for minor issues that can be resolved using your smartphone (note: some hearing aids offer this option). At Hear Now, we strive to offer the most optimal device that aligns with both your lifestyle and your budget.


Custom Hearing Protection

Utilizing protection is the best way to preserve your hearing health and prevent hearing loss - and nothing is more effective than customized hearing protection. Protection from harmful sound levels can reduce risk to your hearing, while allowing you to still access the sounds you want to hear, such as dialogue and music, with greater clarity.

Custom-fitted earplugs are the most common form of custom hearing protection, though customized earmuffs are also popular for various applications. As they are tailored to conform to your unique ear anatomy, custom hearing protection provides superior sound quality and extended wearability.

People who work in noisy places like factories or airports can really benefit from tailor-made hearing protection. Not only does it provide exceptional defense against dangerous sound levels, but it also enables workers to concentrate on their tasks and ensure that they can remain alert and aware of any environmental hazards.

At Hear Now, we will help you find - and fit you with - the most appropriate form of personalized hearing protection that suits your lifestyle requirements. We want everyone to experience the unrivaled security and peace of mind that custom hearing protection offers.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

ALDs are instruments that assist people with various degrees of hearing loss to communicate or hear better in challenging, noisy settings. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from basic pocket-sized amplifiers to advanced audio transmission systems that are comprised of several interacting components.

ALDs can be utilized to bolster sounds in classrooms, workplaces, theatres, and countless other public places where aural perception is vital. Most of these devices use a combination of microphones, amplifiers, and speakers to generate a clearer, louder sound that is easier for the user to hear.

The most prevalent types of ALDs are personal amplifiers, FM systems, infrared systems, and induction loop systems. Personal amplifiers are tiny portable devices that boost sound signals detected by their microphones and can attach to clothing. FM, infrared, and induction loop systems all involve the direct streaming of audio to a user's hearing aid or receiver through light or radio wave emissions.

Aside from these main ALDs, there are some that incorporate visual and tactile alerts to warn users about important occurrences in their general vicinity. These may include blinking lights for alarms or vibrations linked to doorbell chimes. ALDs can vastly improve sound quality for individuals with hearing impairments while granting them much broader access to their environment by facilitating engagement in situations and activities that would otherwise be difficult for them to partake in.

At Hear Now LLC, our team iswell acquainted with the latest ALDs and are ready to help you find the best solutions for your hearing needs. We specialize in providing CapTel's assistive technologies (captioned telephones), which work like ordinary telephones and allow you to simultaneously listen to the person you are on a call with and read live-captioning on a display as you converse. This helps you catch every word and notice when you’ve missed or misunderstood something. Contact us today and let our friendly experts help you stay connected to the world around you and - most importantly - to the people you love!


Earwax Removal

Earwax removal is a unique service offered by Hear Now that sets us apart from the crowd in our region. We continue to be the only provider to specialize in professional earwax removal.

Earwax is a naturally occurring substance, but when it is overproduced it can cause impaction and affect your hearing. The glands inside your ears produce an oily substance called cerumen, commonly referred to as earwax. Earwax serves to lubricate the ear canal and prevents dirt and foreign particles from entering too deeply. Various types of earwax exist, ranging from sticky and viscous to solid and compact, as well as flaky and free-flowing. Most of the time, this wax is naturally eliminated by your body; however, in some cases, it may build up and lead to an obstruction of the ear canal. This can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms, such as hearing loss, earaches, tinnitus, and sensations of pressure or fullness.

It is commonplace for people to attempt to remove earwax or unblock an ear using cotton swabs, but this technique can sometimes create more issues. Inserting the swab too deep into the ear canal can push the blockage further down and cause harm to the ear, and in some instances, the swab may even rupture the eardrum. This is why hearing health professionals typically advocate against using cotton swabs to rectify earwax buildups and self-removal practices in general.

Our audiologists are specially trained in professional cerumen removal techniques. From flushing and suction to curettes, we will apply the best procedures for your given situation depending on the type and extent of earwax buildup you're experiencing. Our gentle, meticulous staff will ensure a comfortable and painless experience. Don't risk further complications by attempting to remove difficult blockages on your own – let our professionals help you find immediate relief.

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